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Pls book an appointment and wear masks if  you like to visit us. 

Corona Virus

If you have traveled to another country recently and have symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath with 2 weeks of returning, please contact us by phone only.

We have doctors and herb medicine may can help you

Welcome to  Natural Remedy

Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic 


NaturalRemedy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)  clinic in North Finchley.


We connect you with Nature and Health, we revitalize you with the Quintessence of Chinese Medicine, And Oriental Treatments to bring you back to a state of physical harmonization and Relaxation giving you the chance to experience  life healthier , more  energetic, and surely  more Enjoyable...


We have the UK best team of Chinese Medicine Doctors and Therapists ,offering  a wide variety of Traditional Oriental Treatments Ranging from Acupuncture &Chinese Herbal Therapy to Massages to suit your needs.


Our doctor is Chinese herb medicine expert, she has over 40 years of clinical experience in both china and west, ever attended International Medicine Symposium and won the award......

We have helped with:

  •  Back pain

  •  Infertility

  •  Eczema

  •  Migraine

  •  Hay fever

  •  Palpitation

  •  Colon Ulcers

  •  Irregular periods

  •  Urinary Infection


NaturalRemedy has hundreds of successful cases,

we have lots of experience in treating infertility,

our treatment is safe and effective.


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